The QAnon Queen Was Just Labeled ‘Fake’ on Telegram, and She’s Pissed

QAnon Queen of Canada Romana Didulo uses Telegram to speak with her followers and raise money. This week, the platform decided to label her “fake.”

Vice News/March 15, 2023

By Mack Lamoureux

Followers of the so-called QAnon Queen of Canada who logged onto Telegram to see their leader's inane ramblings were greeted with an unpleasant dose of reality this week.

“Warning: Many users report that this account impersonates a famous person or organization,” reads a tag now connected to Queen Romana Didulo’s Telegram account. To add insult to injury, the tab where the chat is displayed on the app is overlaid with stark red lettering that reads “fake.”

Didulo has convinced her followers that she’s the true leader of Canada, on the vanguard of a secret war she’s fighting against an international cabal of pedophiles. Her followers believe she’s not only royalty but also an interdimensional being who’s in contact with an intergalactic alliance of aliens. Despite her eccentric claims, Didulo has built a following who hang on her every word and will frequently send her money. Some have even given up their lives to live with her in a convoy of RVs traveling around Canada.

It’s not just Didulo’s main page that’s being described as fake but many of her ancillary pages, like where her followers congregate to discuss their love for “her royal majesty,” and a popular page where followers can send questions to Didulo and receive answers. The Telegram pages are Didulo’s primary way of communicating with her audience and her audience's primary way of networking.

Didulo was none too pleased about the tags.

“The Fake Label of this Channel by the Deepstaters, Cabal, and Blackhats, simply reinforces and validates further HRM [Her Royal Majesty] Queen Romana's authentic work in the Kingdom of Canada and around the work,” she wrote. “Hold the Lane Folks.

VICE News did not immediately receive a response from Telegram about why the new tag was implemented.

Telegram as a platform is well-known for their lax moderation and taking limited action against their users. While QAnon pages directly impersonating celebrities, like JFK Jr., also have the “fake” tag, it’s rare to see the platform take action against a figure like Didulo. For a community that is full of influencers who posit themselves as brave truth-tellers the “fake” tag is, unsurprisingly, grating.

“Typically this tag is reserved for impersonators or parody accounts— this might be the first time they’ve used it in this context,” tweeted Alex Mendela, who monitors QAnon as an associate analyst at Alethea, a technology company that analyzes misinformation.

But the queen’s diehard followers, many of whom have suffered personally or financially for their support of her, aren’t being dissuaded by the description of their leader as “fake.”

“If you don't innerstand who HRM Queen Romana is by now there has got to be something wrong with your brain,” one follower wrote. “We have watched HRM Queen Romana work day in and day out to give us Hope and a Future all done in an RV in the Middle of winter...has any of our politicians ever done that?” ("Innerstand" is how Didulo and her followers say they understand.)

There are other indications that Didulo’s operation is beginning to falter, too. This week Didulo had to change the email address that she directs her follower’s to use when they send money to her bank accounts. In a livestream Didulo said that a troll was using a similar account to the one they previously used and was syphoning off some of their donations.

Didulo held a livestream to address the “fake” tag on Wednesday and interview a follower of hers who had previously worked in media. She said that the tag will somehow make her stronger and that it’s simply validation that she and her followers are on the right path.

“What this means is we have had many trolls in the channels, paid infiltrators working for some secret agency, the cabal, the deep state, the globalists, saying this is a fake channel,” said Didulo. She also said that these people had “teabags” for “balls.”

While her followers were waiting for the livestream to start, one of them began to watch porn with their audio still on. The group's administrators then begged the queen’s followers to mute their mics and turn off their cameras. Many of Didulo’s followers are elderly and unfamiliar with technology.

“Next time please mute your audio and video first because it’s very disrespectful to her royal majesty,” Didulo’s so-called “press secretary” said as the queen held up a handwritten sign that read, “Mute your microphones.”

They did not listen.

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