MOM UNHINGED ‘Doomsday’ cult mom Lori Vallow ‘was convinced husband was EVIL DEMON and she was immortal being,’ book reveals

The US Sun/January 19, 2022

By Luke Kenton

Lori Vallow was convinced her fourth husband had been possessed by an evil spirit named "Nick Schneider" shortly before he was shot and killed by her brother, according to a new book.

The "cult mom" also outrageously bragged to friends that she, in turn, had become an immortal being who no longer needed to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.

Vallow began making the bizarre claims shortly after she met doomsday author Chad Daybell - who would later become her fifth husband - for the first time at a Preparing a People conference in St. George, Utah in October 2018.

As true crime author John Glatt details in his new book, The Doomsday Mother: Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and the End of an American Family, it was almost love at first sight for the unhinged pair who immediately struck up a conversation about the end-times moments after Daybell had delivered a speech on stage.

"Lori immediately approached [Chad] and said she had read all his books. Chad looked up at the beautiful blond apparition standing before him and was instantly smitten," Glatt writes in one passage, referencing an account of their meeting observed by one of Lori's friends.

"They began exchanging spiritual experiences, beliefs, and visions, blissfully staring into each other's eyes. It was as if a lightning bolt hit them both. They would never be the same again."

During the same conversation, as Vallow held on to his "every word", Daybell is alleged to have told Lori that they had been married seven times before in previous lives, and that she was one of the chosen ones who would help him change the world.

The pair, who were both married, were reportedly inseparable for the remainder of the two-day conference, with Daybell informing Vallow of all the "secret spiritual powers she possessed that he alone could unleash", according to Glatt.

Vallow asked Daybell to assess who in her life had light or dark spirits, and named all of her previous husbands, her children, and other extended-family members.

Four days later, Daybell emailed his findings to Lori, citing a number of her closest relatives to be "dark spirits", including her husband Charles Vallow, and her 17-year-old daughter Tylee.

In his initial findings, Daybell cited Vallow's adopted son, JJ Vallow, to be a light spirit, though that would change months later.

Cult expert Rick Ross told Glatt that Daybell used his light/dark spirit readings to brainwash Vallow. Ross called the practise a blatant example of "thought reform" that many cult leaders, including the likes of Adolf Hitler, had previously used on their followers.

"Chad Daybell was relegating people to a category of subhuman," Ross told the author. "So that if someone came to him and said, 'I'm going to kill them [because] they're zombies possessed by dark spirits,' Lori would say, 'That's the only way they can be free.'"

The couple's relationship intensified over the next few weeks, with the pair corresponding secretly through burner phones.

They would meet in person again the following month, where Daybell would tell Vallow they had been chosen by God to lead a group of 144,00 souls who would usher in the end times and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

As her relationship with Daybell intesified, her marriage to Charles started to crumble.


As Vallow and Daybell continued to exchange texts, photos, and videos daily on their burner phones, Glatt writes that Chad began slowly "poisoning Lori's mind against Charles Vallow."

Lori Vallow began telling her close friends that Charles was "blocking" her spiritual powers. She also told them of a revelation she'd had that Charles would die in a car accident before the year's end, but the morbid vision never materialized.

Apparently dissatisfied with the speed in which Lori and Charles' relationship was coming to a head, Daybell called Vallow on January 1, 2019, informing her that an evil demon had taken over her husband's body.

"Charles is no longer Charles ... He's Nick Schneider," Daybell reportedly said.

Soon after Daybell would introduce Vallow into "zombies", which is what he could a person whose light spirit had left their body and been replaced by a dark one.

Then on January 22, Daybell sent Lori and email with the subject line, "Demon with a name, Nick Schneider."

From this point onwards, Vallow and Daybell began actively recruiting other members for their cult, according to Glatt.

In conversation with one potential enrollee, Vallow said that she was becoming an "immortal being", who no longer needed to go to the bathroom, eat, or sleep.

She then ludicrously claimed that even if she was shot, the bullet would pass through her body without leaving a mark.

Another person close to Lori at the time told Glatt that her behavior was growing increasingly strange, with her mentioning seeing spirits around the house and claiming to have had an encounter with the devil where they screamed at one another.

Then on January 29, 2019, prosecutors say Vallow and Daybell hatched a plan to rid her of Charles Vallow once and for all.


After Charles Vallow left home for a business trip, Lori transferred $35,000 from his business account into her own.

She called him later that day to inform him what she'd done, repeatedly referring to him as Nick Schneider.

"She coldly informed him that she was now a god, busy gathering the 144,00 for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which would happen in July 2020," Glatt writes in his new book.

"She warned him that if he dared to interfere with her mission, she would murder him."

After months of back and forth between the once happily married couple, Lori and her fellow cult members started meeting at their temple to pray for Charles' untimely demise.

Charles eventually confronted Lori about her affair in June, and threatened to tell Daybell's wife Tammy.

In doing so, Charles "signed his own death warrant," according to Glatt.

"The loves knew that if Tammy discovered the affair, it would jeopardize everything," Glatt wrote. "And as Lori had warned Charles six months earlier, he would now have to die. He was intefering with their mission."

Charles Vallow was then shot dead by Lori's brother Alex Cox on July 11, 2019, during a custody dispute between over their son JJ.

Cox claimed at the time that he had acted in self-defense after Charles had struck him with a baseball bat.

Police initially ruled that Cox had acted in self defense but the case was reopened when JJ and Tylee were reported missing in Idaho in November 2019. Now, prosecutors say Cox killed Charles Vallow at the direction of Lori.

As detailed in Glatt's book, Lori allegedly stopped for a Burger King and shooped for flip flops in the hours after Charles' murder. She also threw a pool party later that afternoon.

A few days on, Daybell and Vallow began fantasizing about the "death percentages" of Tammy Daybell and Lori's kids JJ and Tylee.

By this point, Lori was reportedly fully of the belief that her children had been possessed by evil spirits, and the "only way to free them was death."


On September 8, 2019, Tylee was last seen during a family trip in Yellowstone National Park. JJ Vallow would disappear weeks later on Sept. 23, having last been seen being carried by his uncle, Alex Cox.

For the next nine months, Vallow and Daybell would claim that both the children were alive but in hiding for their own safety.

The lie came undone when their remains were found buried in shallow graves on Daybell's property in Salem, Idaho, in June 2020.

Tylee's remains had been dismembered and burned, while JJ was found wrapped in reams of duct tape and stuffed in trash bags beneath the earth.

Daybell's wife Tammy also suddenly passed away in October 2019 in her sleep, two weeks before Vallow and Daybell tied the knot in Hawaii. Her death was initially deemed to be the result of natural causes but is now considered suspicious.

No cause of death has ever been made public, but Glatt notes that first responders observed a "pink foam" pouring from her mouth.

Alex Cox then died on December 12, 2019, the day after Tammy Daybell's body was exhumed for further investigation.

He was found unconscious at home and, like Tammy, had pink foam coming out of his mouth. However, his cause of death was ruled natural after blood clots were found on his lungs.


Both Daybell and Vallow have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the September 2019 deaths of Lori's children, seven-year-old Joshua 'JJ' Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan.

The couple faces the same charge in the death of Daybell's previous wife, Tammy Daybell, 49, who passed away under suspicious circumstances on October 19, 2019, two weeks before Chad and Lori got married.

Lori is also charged in Arizona with conspiring to kill her former estranged husband, Charles Vallow, 62, with the help of her now-deceased brother, Alex Cox.

Cox's death made the case against Daybell and Vallow even more complex as investigators believed that he was the person who actually killed Tylee and JJ.

Daybell's trial for his alleged role in the murders of Tylee, JJ and Tammy is currently slated to being in January 2023. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against him.

Vallow has been determined mentally unfit to stand trial for the killings and is being treated in a secure mental health facility until she's ruled to be competent enough to do so.

According to Glatt, Vallow continues to write to Daybell and reads his scripture every day.

Chillingly, sources told the author that at night she is often seen on surveillance camera "dancing in her cell at night to the music deep inside her head."

The Doomsday Mother: Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and the End of an American Family by John Glatt was published by St Martin's Press on January 18th.

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