Cause of death revealed for mummified, eyeless cult leader found wrapped in lights

New York Post.December 2, 2021

Rolling Stone/November 26, 2021

By Emily Crane

A cult leader whose mummified body was found without eyes and enshrined with Christmas lights in Colorado died due to a history of alcohol abuse, anorexia and colloidal silver dosing, her autopsy has revealed.

The decomposing body of “Love Has Won” cult leader Amy Carlson, 45, was discovered under mysterious circumstances in a home in the rural town of Moffat in April.

Carlson, known to her followers as “Mother God,” was found wrapped in a green sleeping bag and had glitter makeup around her missing eyes, authorities said at the time.

A medical examiner has since ruled that Carlson’s manner of death was “natural” and was brought on by a decline in health due to the other conditions, according to an autopsy report obtained by Guru Mag on Wednesday.

The autopsy, conducted by the El Paso County Coroner’s Office, offers new details on the state in which Carlson was found.

Her mummified corpse weighed a mere 75 pounds when the autopsy was carried out.

She had a tie-dye fleece shawl draped around her shoulders, a faux fur scarf tied around her neck and was wearing two pairs of fluffy socks. Carlson also had a “crown” headband on her head.

Her body was found surrounded by eight small brown bottles with medicine droppers that had the words “colloidal” written on them.

Authorities noted when her body was found, her eyes appeared to be missing, but the autopsy found no evidence of trauma.

In reference to her eyes, the report only said that they “are not appreciated secondary to decomposition” — meaning they hadn’t been removed, but were just severely decomposed.

Carlson’s face was also covered in foundation, blush and a “multicolor vibrant glitter eyeshadow,” according to the report.

Authorities were alerted to the cult leader’s death after one of her followers called to say he’d found the decomposing body in his home when he returned from a recent trip to Denver.

The follower told investigators he had taken in the group because they needed a place to stay.

Seven of Carlson’s followers ended up being arrested for tampering with or abusing a corpse.

According to the arrest affidavits, authorities said “the mummified remains appeared to be set up in some type of shrine.”

Local authorities said they had received “many complaints” from families across the country saying “Love Has Won” had been brainwashing people and stealing their money.

Carlson’s followers believed she communicated with angels and that she was leading them to a great awakening.

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