Alex Jones agrees to liquidate his assets to pay Sandy Hook families, in move that would end his ownership of Infowars

CNN/June 6, 2024

By Oliver Darcy

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Thursday moved to liquidate his personal assets, agreeing to demands from the families of Sandy Hook victims whom he owes more than $1.5 billion in damages over his lies about the 2012 school massacre.

The seismic move paves the way for a future in which Jones no longer owns Infowars, the influential conspiracy empire he founded in the late 1990s. Over the years, Jones has not only used the media company to poison the public discourse with vile lies and conspiracy theories, but also to enrich himself to the tune of millions of dollars.

Prior to Thursday, Jones had resisted converting his personal bankruptcy into a Chapter 7 liquidation. But facing mounting legal pressure, he reversed course and caved to the demands of the Sandy Hook families, who have still not seen a penny from Jones since juries in Connecticut and Texas found him liable in 2022 for defamation and emotional distress. His lawyers said in a filing that there was “no reasonable prospect for a successful reorganization” and that continuing down the path would only result in additional expenses incurred by Jones.

The legal maneuver ultimately “means [Jones’] ownership in Free Speech Systems is going to get sold,” Avi Moshenberg, an attorney who represents some of the Sandy Hook families, told CNN on Thursday night, referencing the parent company of Infowars.

“Converting the case to Chapter 7 will hasten the end of these bankruptcies and facilitate the liquidation of Jones’s assets, which is the same reason we have moved to convert his company’s case to Chapter 7,” Chris Mattei, another attorney representing Sandy Hook families, told CNN.

Jones technically has not controlled the Infowars business for some time, given that Free Speech Systems has also filed for bankruptcy protection. The company’s business has, thus, been under the supervision of a court appointed restructuring officer.

A hearing is scheduled for next Friday to determine the fate of Free Speech Systems’ bankruptcy.

But regardless of what happens in that case, Thursday’s legal move sets the stage for a court-appointed trustee to liquidate Jones’ personal assets, which includes his stake in Infowars.

The liquidation of Jones’ assets does not mean that Infowars will cease to exist. Several outcomes are possible. The court-appointed trustee could sell the business to another owner, for instance.

A representative for Jones did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday night. 

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