The truth about the prominent TikTok dance group who are believed to be trapped in a CULT masquerading as a management company - as family members claim they have been banned from making contact

Daily Mail, UK/May 28, 2024

By Lillian Gissen

An explosive new Netflix docuseries is set to shed light on the group of prominent TikTok dancers who are believed to be trapped in a cult.

Back in 2022, popular influencer Miranda Derrick's parents posted a harrowing video in which they claimed that they hadn't spoken to their daughter in over a year and that she was being held against her will by a church that was masquerading as a management firm.

They explained that the popular internet star had joined forces with a company called 7M Films in the hopes of becoming a famous dancer in January 2021 - but that they later found out the management firm had ties to a Christian sect run by controversial pastor Robert Israel Shinn.

Immediately, their video sparked a fierce reaction from the public, as Miranda's millions of followers began to wonder: What is really going on with 7M Films and was she truly being 'brainwashed' by a religious cult posing as a management company?

Now, an upcoming three-part show, entitled Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, is going to lift the lid on what really goes on in 7M Films, as a slew of former members have shared their harrowing stories.

It's set to 'expose' some of the 'diabolical tactics' used by organizations like 7M 'to exert control over people' - as well as the 'lengths families will go to keep their loved ones safe.'

A trailer for the new docuseries, which will premiere on May 29, begins with a segment from the video Miranda's family shared in 2022.

'Today is my sister's birthday. We're not allowed to contact her, and we're blocked on absolutely everything,' her sister, Melanie, explained as she broke down in tears.

'We have two daughters, we don't just have one,' her mom added between sobs.

Then, a slew of clips that show former dancers who escaped 7M Films talking to the camera in the doc flash across the screen.

'How did I let myself get sucked into something like that?' one asked, while another admitted, 'It started out fairly innocuous but then the control slowly grew.'

A different woman explained in the teaser that men and women would leave their families and travel to LA in the hopes of pursuing their dreams of becoming dancers, but would then get 'wrapped up in things that weren't fair to them.'

'They would say, cut off your family because you need to work on yourself,' she shared.

'You would have to die to your family in order to save them,' someone else told the camera.

'As a man of God, I wasn't thinking he'd do anything wrong to me,' she added, while referring to Robert.

'When all you see is a shell of your daughter...,' Miranda's mom Kelly trailed off as she started to cry. 'I don't know who this person is.'

Gawker reported after Miranda's family first posted their video that 7M Films had ties to a church called Shekinah Church and a sect of Christianity known as the Seven Mountain Mandate.

Followers of the mandate believe they must rid education, religion, family, business, government, entertainment, and media of demons and witchcraft.

The principles are followed by several Christians, including prominent Donald Trump-affiliated pastor Paula White.

In response to the video at the time, representatives for 7M told that there is zero connection between 7M Films and the mandate, and that the company neither believes in nor promotes the mandate.

'The false and sensational allegations about 7M stem directly from a dispute between 7M-represented dancer Miranda Derrick and her estranged family,' a spokesperson said.

'Despite her family's claims, Miranda is a successful businesswoman and a loving wife and daughter who cares very much about her family.

'It is pathetic and contemptible to try to turn her private family matters into a tawdry public scandal for clicks and clout.

'While the recent portrayals of Dr. Robert Shinn and 7M Films have been wildly offensive and riddled with inaccuracies, those false claims will not deter 7M from supporting Miranda in whichever endeavors she chooses to pursue next.'

Both Miranda and her now-husband James Derrick responded to the allegations on Instagram, with Miranda saying that Melanie kicked her out of their shared TikTok account and stopped speaking to her family because she said they called the cops once on James, who is black, when she moved in with him.

'I can speak for James and our friends who are in 7M that they DO speak to their families (so what you guys have heard about 7M dancers not speaking to their families is a complete lie),' she wrote. 'It's just a unique situation with my family.'

James argued in his own posts that the family doesn't like him because he's a 'black man from Compton' who is divorced with a son, had no car and was living in a rented room.

He credited 7M with leading to his own personal success and insisted that it's not a church but a 'secular for-profit company run by people who have faith in God.'

Pastor Robert has been sued in the past by former member Lydia Chung, who in 2009 claimed that he had taken her from her family, brainwashed her, and defrauded her out of almost $4 million.

A judge ruled in his favor in May 2011, but Lydia remains insistent that he was running something sinister.

'This is a cult,' she told The Daily Beast in 2022. 'This totally ruins people. You hear about the people who went to Vietnam - going through such a trauma, many people cannot function as a normal human being - this is what it does.'

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