An Introduction to some cited in a drug-related federal indictment--once, or currently involved in 3HO

By Siri Scandal Singh, S.S.S.--a former member of 3HO

"Gurujot Singh Khalsa" aka Robert Alwin Taylor

Yogi Bhajan with
Albert Ellis and
Guru Jot

Guru Jot Singh is an important follower and "left hand man" to Yogi Bhajan. He was the head of a 3HO ashram located in Herndon, Virginia during the 70's and 80's. Guru Jot Singh was sentenced to Federal Prison regarding his indictment for related illegal drug related crimes. But upon his release he was welcomed back to 3HO by Yogi Bhajan. He now resides in the Espanola, New Mexico 3HO compound. His current title is "Adviser of International Affairs" to Yogi Bhajan and 3HO. Guru Jot Singh's daughter is now married to the son of Al Ellis, another person named in the same federal indictment that sent him to prison.

Albert "Al" Ellis

Al Ellis, whose son is married to the daughter of Guru Jot Singh, was also once his business associate. His wife, was also a model for 3HO related business catalogue regarding a cosmetic company in the 80's. Al Ellis and his family were welcomed as guests within 3HO by Yogi Bhajan and were frequently seen as members of his elite inner circle. Al Ellis was never taken into custody regarding his indictment by the federal government and remains at large, as far as we know--today.

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