An apology from a Punjabi Sikh

April 28, 1999
By a young Punjabi Sikh in Britain

Dear former members of 3HO:

I am a Young Punjabi Sikh, who, Like many other Punjabi Sikhs have been very disturbed by Yogi Bhajan's actions. The emergence of 3HO, a very foreign and contradictory concept to Sikhism, was something we Punjabi Sikhs stood back and watched. I would like to personally apologize for allowing you all to undergo this horrific ordeal.

I saw Yogi Bhajan for the first time on BBC television last week. He not only appeared to be a very arrogant man, but also perceived himself to be a great saint. Rest assured that the Sikhs in this world consider him to be little more than a power hungry bastard [sic].

I would hope that your experience has not left you with bad feelings towards the Punjabi Sikhs. Though we should have put a stop to Bhajan's activities long ago, I can only say how sorry I am. You have our (Punjabi Sikhs) full support [sic]. I'm sorry. Please forgive us.

In our love for our faith it had never occurred to us that a malicious man could twist the words of our Gurus and form a cult [sic].

Again I'm sorry.

Copyright © Rick Ross

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