"3HO Sikhs...idea of Sikhism is from another planet"

October 1999
By a Pujabi Sikh Youth from Great Britain

I will say straight out that I do not have much respect, if any for Yogi [Bhajan]. I have seen him on a couple of occasions and by listening to his talks, (the very few ones that made any sense or had an objective) I can only come to a conclusion that he is a very clever politician. The only people who fall for his intellectual, scientific garbage are hippies. OK, some people say he is bringing people onto the path, but is he?

If you spend sometime with the 3HO Sikhs, as they call themselves, you will find that their idea of Sikhism is from another planet. They may be devoted and I do not really blame them as they are following their leader (Yogi [Bhajan], but I cannot seriously consider them Sikhs if they cannot follow the basics of the Sikh way of life as laid out in the Reht Mareyada.

Now back to Yogi and his followers visit to the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Living in the UK I can not see any work that they are doing with Sikh youth. THEY ARE A JOKE! Lucky for him for he would have faced a harsh reaction from Sikh youth. We were already aware of Yogi Jee and his views and we wanted to question him in certain areas.

There are many accusations about Yogi Jee. To me he is a waste of time, the views on the Sikhnet show this clearly as its discussion forum was shut down when people started to debate about Khalistan. This area was called the "Sikhnet" discussion, but was closed down by the moderators because they felt valid discussion was not taking place. If sikhs cannot discuss issues such as Khalistan, who will?

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