Critical Thought and Facts on the Mahan Tantric/Tantric Yoga

June 1998

By Terry Michelle Kurtz, MA

  1. There is no real evidence provided by any Tibetan Lamas, that anyone ever came to Yogi Bhajan, from Tibet and ‘bestowed’ the title of ‘ Mahan Tantric’ to him in 1971
  2. There are no letters, video recordings or ceremonies as evidence, validating his claim. If there were, he would have produced them by now (with great hubris, we might add) somewhere on this planet by now.
  3. Very little is known of an existence of the ‘Tantric Crown of Spiritual Authority’ that Bhajan claims was mystically ‘bestowed’ upon him in 1971
  4. It is well documented that yogis are acknowledged through formal family lineage, as this is a permanent cultural fixture in Indian civilization. Bhajan himself said..."the crown of spirituality can never be snatched, conquered or possessed. (ibid., pg.1) The, why is he indeed, not acknowledged that he is who he ‘says’ he is by anyone but his very own group, the 3HO Foundation?
  5. Yogi Bhajan and 3HO foundation claim that participating in Tantric Yoga is... " a spiritual experience which cuts through psychological blocks...and, releases subconscious blocks...". The fact is, there are no known studies associated with Tantric Yoga participants, either regular or spurious, providing evidence, or, proving the claims that "psychological blocks and release of subconscious blocks" are removed through the undertaking of Tantric Yoga, ala Yogi Bhajan. Again, there is no validity to the claims.

According to many observers and participants of this ‘Mahan Tantric’ and his removing of subconscious and psychological blocks though Tantric yoga, Bhajan is seen as a mass hypnotist who is actually utilizing some a strain of NLP trance technique on groups of ‘willing’ participants. Yogi Bhajan, plus some of his ‘students’ (best known is Sangeet of the "Womenheart Programs") have been deeply involved as ‘masters of NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis Therapy since the early 70’s.

Tantric Yoga can be seen as a money-making enterprise for Yogi Bhajan. It seems to be a way for him to gain control of individuals (e.g. through hypnotic trance). This is his basis for claiming to "remove" deep, mental "blocks". But is this yoga--or simply the subjective results of carefully planned hypnotic suggestion? Albeit carefully draped through ritualistic, exotic and seductive productions. Spoon fed to believers as an ancient, mystical, symbolic ritual of purifying ones thoughts. Many seem to be willing to pay hundreds of dollars to try just once--but is it purity or poison? What is within the doses administered so subtly and gradually by Yogi Bhajan to his ardent students?

Note: Terry MIchelle Kurtz (1952-2021), received her undergraduate degree from Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri and her Masters in Psychology from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona. She worked with child protective services in Phoenix and was an advocate for those victimized by cults. Ms. Kurtz was also a yoga teacher and a former member of 3HO known as "Kartar Khalsa."


Copyright © 1998 by Rick Ross

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