Yoga guru's starry slaves

New York Post/August 24, 2002
By Richard Johnson with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson

Are Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, Melissa Etheridge, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Love, David Duchovny and Sherilyn Fenn unwittingly part of a cult?

According to the L.A. Times, the stars are all under the influence of yoga teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, who is a devoted follower of Yogi Bhajan, the founder of 3HO, the "Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization."

Rick Ross, who runs, says 3HO is a cult. Khalsa, the stars' guru, is said to be "the teacher whom much of prenatal Hollywood has come to trust."

But in 1974, Khalsa's own guru, Yogi Bhajan, told his followers: "Your dead bodies will lie on these roads, your children will be orphans, and nobody will kick them, rather, people will eat them alive! There will be tremendous insanity. That is the time we are going to face."

Since then, Khalsa has softened Bhajan's message and now tells her devotees that through "special breathing, meditation and chanting" they can "balance the energy centers of the body and harmonize physically, emotionally and spiritually." Love says it's "better than Prozac."

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