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"I was researching 3HO for a friend who was asking me about it, and I found this site. I found it interesting, and I'm glad you have it. The group needs to be exposed for what it really is, and not many people have even heard of it. I was born in 3HO, and I spent quite a few years in the ashram in New Mexico. I didn't know I was in a cult. For me it was all so normal. I thought I was a real, genuine Sikh. I loved the Gurus, and I wanted to be holy, even when I was very young. My older brother is the one who had the most difficult time. He went to school in India when he was eight years old. He did not really understand what was happening, and he thought our parents were dead, and that he was an orphan. My parents did not realize how harshly the children were being treated there. He slept in a crowded room with bunk beds and cement floors. He told us there was no bathroom in the dormitory, and the doors were locked at night with a chain. He was beaten quite often, although he was quite a good kid. It occurred to my brother and I later what a strange trick our early years had been. We were born into a world that is not really the 'real world,' and we didn't know it. We were extremely devoted Sikhs, and we learned later that we hadn't even been real Sikhs. When my family left the group, no one knew we were leaving, and we never looked back. We changed our names and started a new life. The people I knew when I was a kid I have never seen since. My brother and I have been really lucky. We've both traveled the world doing humanitarian work, and we've had quite adventurous lives so far. We decided not to become bitter about the past, and we're both quite happy people."

"I once lived in a 3H0 ashram, but after a year realized that it was not the place for me. I totally lost touch with the ashram, but was curious when I recently heard about some of Yogi Bhajan's sexual scandals, which is why I looked him up on the Internet and found your site. I read with fascination the testimony of former followers. The scandals and sad stories do not come as a big surprise to me, as I had been aware of the power struggles and corruption years ago. I can hardly imagine wasting 20-25 years there, as many have."

"I am an ex-3HO member and got sucked into the group during the 1970s. People should know that 3HO businesses puts money Yogi Bhajan's pockets. Of the businesses I know about, two concern me, as they're retail based. They are Nanak's lip balms and Golden Temple products, such as Yogi Teas, Golden Temple teas and granola. These products have historically been carried in health food stores. Consumers should know where money is going."

"I once took yoga classes at 3HO. I liked the yoga, but didn't like chanting. I got a buzz from doing the yoga and felt drawn to the group. But there were too many rules for me and the atmosphere seemed somewhat oppressive. The men appeared to be in charge, despite all the talk about the feminine power. The problem with Bhajan is that there is no one in the organization who can discipline him, which means the organization is run like a totalitarian country. It's too bad that 3HO is giving yoga a bad name. I still enjoy yoga and meditation, but in moderation."

"I stumbled across this website by accident. For the next few days, I could hardly tear myself away. In 1977-78 I could tell something had gone awry with 3HO. I left the group then. It seemed to me at the time that greed and materialism were taking over and that 3HO represented a microcosm of the same greed, class inequalities,exploitation and materialism as the outside world. Thanks for revealing the truth!"

"Big Brother Bhajan is everywhere these days. I was standing in line at the local supermarket with my groceries and picked up two magazines ('Prevention' and 'Walking Fit' July 2001) and noticed articles about Yogi Bhajan's latest money maker 'Breathwalk.' Of course you have to purchase the book and tapes. One needs to spend money to learn how to walk? I think I have been doing just fine since I was about 11 months old."

"A recent Sikh Dharma newsletter about prosperity said that giving away percentage of your business earnings increases blessings and prosperity. Some mantra too used to bring prosperity, with subtle pleas to contribute to 'Amar Infinity' This newsletter was all about giving and getting money."

"I was one of the lucky ones. I listened to my intuition, checked out my hunches on the Internet and saved myself from a potentially weird situation. Wonder how many unsuspecting innocents will get sucked, or nearly sucked, in."

"As enthusiastic and gung-ho as I was about attending the 'Master's Touch' course, there were several things nagging me. One of the things that stuck out was something I read about having to sign a contract agreeing to pay part of my yoga income to 3HO. I love sharing what I know and the joy of seeing my students blossom. That's all the payment I ever need. I will be calling 3HO to cancel my registration. I feel suddenly free. With the money saved I will take my family on a great vacation."

"I read some quotes from Yogi Bhajan about how he tells teachers that it is the student's duty and obligation to pay their teacher. But if the student offers nothing, they get nothing from the class. That's news to me because I ask for no money or gifts and my students tell me they feel enriched, wonderful, able to manage their stress, are more relaxed and happier. That is certainly not an example of getting nothing.Yogi Bhajan statements struck me as quite cynical. He comes across as grating, abrasive and intolerant."

"As a former member of 3HO, it seems to me that 3HO became more about 'us vs. them' (i.e. the nasty outside world), instead of spreading the light. Conformity was imposed upon us and it dawned on me that certain people were not what they said they were. The gap widened, in power, in wealth, and in exploitation. That is between the 'inner circle' and the Peons. 3HO began to resemble a 'Third World' nation. I realize that many 3HO members might have thought this was a 'test' from 'Yogiji.' But this was not a true spiritual test."

"People doted on Yogi Bhajan. He was like the 11th Guru! I was embarrassed and disappointed to discover he rode around in expensive cars. The tithing was just for the rich to get richer!" --from a former 3HO member

"3HO women were exhorted not to go anywhere alone. Men were in charge of ashram businesses even when women did most of the work. Married women were told to say, 'I'm sorry, you are right, it's the will of God' to their husbands every time there was a disagreement. Very, very sexist organization once you are inside." --from a former 3HO member

"I was born into 3HO and raised as a member of that organization and devotee of Yogi Bhajan until I finally broke away for good. I was also sent off to the 3HO school in India for many years. My experiences in India were horrifying. Actually, my whole history within 3HO is a horrifying story and should be a warning to anyone."

"I talked to a young man who answered the [3HO] school phone number and he told me that their school in India 'is recognized by the New Mexico Department of Education' [NMBE]. I (being naturally suspicious) contacted the NMBE and they said, 'The school you reference is in India, but run by a group in Espanola and is not listed on any of the non-public school lists that are accredited by the State Board of Education in New Mexico. For your information, a non-public school that is recognized in New Mexico only means that the Department of Education has been notified that it exists. The school is not accredited by the State Board of Education."

"I was just perusing your site and posted a few statements to a Kundalini Yoga list I am on about Yogi Bhajan and 3HO. Subsequently I got banned from the list. I guess the 'guru' and his puppets (err, i mean disciples) do not like 'negative' comments. I am through with yoga--too many scam artists for me. I have been having serious doubts if all of yoga was invented to prey on people searching for answers." [ Note: though most yoga is taught ethically and responsibly--it is sad that some students are alienated by teachers associated with problematic groups]

"I think Yogi Bhajan is a fraud and I believe Kundalini yoga is bogus in general."

"The information you've provided on 3HO has been invaluable. The 'Magic Soup' article was my favorite--I read it 2 times. I had to re-read it after I dropped out of my KY teachers training I needed to remind myself that I was playing with fire. I am so thankful and glad that [people] have been brave enough to share your stories. I believe that part of the goal of this Web site is to warn would-be recruits of the dangers of 3HO, so please realize that your message is reaching people, or at least me and you have changed my mind and perhaps my life by speaking out."

"Sikhism is not destructive and it is not a cult. It is a major flourishing religion in the world. I understand that you may be referring to [a specific] leader (yogi) as [the] person responsible, but the people who visit the site may get the wrong impression about the whole Sikh religion. This would be analogous to saying that Christianity is a 'destructive cult' because of some corrupt ministers, and that would be totally wrong". --from a Pujabi Sikh

"For many years I have waited for someone from the 3HO cult to air their distrust of their leader. I applaud your efforts to expose this shady character. I personally listened to many of [Yogi Bhajan's] speeches&and generally conclude that his teachings are not much related to Sikhism. I have never seen any Punjabi Sikhs becoming pupils of "Yogi Bhajan". I am afraid his habits may give the Sikhs a very bad name in the world. Again, well done! Your efforts may help many to keep away from the 3HO cult". --A Pujabi Sikh 1999

"Great page on 3HO! A friend of mine in high school was in it because her mother was. They both later left. My friend had some very unpleasant childhood experiences thanks to 3HO."

"It's funny; the 3HO Sikhs think they are on the road to greatness and even somewhat superior. But as far as the world can see, their situation is really quite sad. They've been taken away from their own culture, families, and individual life's dreams. In return, they've been given a bunch of exercises, magic chants, silly costumes, and empty promises. They belong to a raving old man from India now. They belong to Bhajan". A former student 1999

"I read your article regarding the exercises Yogi Bhajan teaches in yoga. It also makes sense with all the injuries that come out of his yoga and the ever expanding number of Khalsa Chiropractic centers he has all over the world. It keeps the money coming in."

"I am so grateful for a Web site that exposed 3HO. I never knew there was anything so wrong with the organization...and the criminals in the organization as well"!

"Ever since I have read the Web site regarding 3HO, I have quit attending classes. I had no idea. Absolutely none".

"I am so glad you gave me a mind opener to questions in my mind about 3HO...I was thinking about joining 3HO, but I had a lot of questions. I knew the answers would not come from them. I started to adopt their life lifestyle&now I have reversed that".

"Thanks for putting up the info on Kundalini Yoga. Things didn't sound right to me. I got a negative feeling and went with it [and your site] confirmed things. Thanks again for making the information available".

"Thank you for your information on 3HO. After reading your articles, I spent the last two weeks trying to make up my mind on whether to attend two 3HO classes I had paid for in advance. On the night of the second class, to my surprise it was announced that Yogi Bhajan was in town and would teach after the regular class. I decided to stay on and give 'The Master' the chance to speak--it turned out to be the famous last words on my yoga career. His 'Teachings' consisted of:
a) Things everybody likes to hear and therefore believes.
b) Some witty remarks to keep you entertained.
c) Loads of nonsense that you might as well find on the 'X-Files' show.

Conclusion: I'll forget about Kundalini Yoga, play Volleyball instead and stick to other spiritual paths for enlightenment. Thank you again!"

"Your web site is a welcome one. I have long seen Yogi Bhajan destroying the good name of Sikhism through his cult. One must be careful to keep in mind that Yogi Bhajan's 3HO community is not in any way representative of Sikhism. Sikhism is a humble and simple religion that is grounded on the ideas of sexual equality and complete egalitarianism. The hoarding of material goods, and the pursuit of wealth is not thought highly of in Sikhism. Many of the greatest Sikhs in history have been poor and humble people. On another note, Yogi Bhajan has been long maintaining that he has been given the highly respectful position of "Siri Singh Sahib" by the Akal Tahkat, the central authority for ALL Sikhs. This is incorrect. Records of the Akal Takhat show that this extremely rare title, given only to the most deserving of Sikhs and was never officially bestowed upon Yogi Bhajan. He has been lying about his title for over 20 years."

"I find your 'groups' section extremely interesting. I'm a Sikh and feel we are always mistaken for these 3HO people who are not at all related to us. Thanks for that great research. The site www.sikhnet.com is 3HO as well."

"I'm a young, concerned Sikh [and] I do not know much about what is or has been going on with Yogi Bhajan. [But] it is not fair to generalize and stereotype us. He does not represent ALL of us. Please, try to understand, and try to put yourself in the place of an innocent, truthful, and honest Sikh who is not only that, but a human being with compassion and respect for mankind."

"Thank You for saving the lives of so many potential victims of cults. Especially those who hide the racket under the cloud of 'Yoga.' Those cult members in New Mexico are really mad at you for 'letting the cat out of the bag,' or speaking the specific truth about the 3HO. They are trying to run away from you on the Internet. They have created hundreds of sites to hide your site through their own camouflage. Continue in your effort--it really scares them. Good work."

"We should expose these people and their un-Sikh activities" --From a Punjabi Sikh

"I find it quite embarrassing that when you type in Kaur, Guru or Khalsa at amazon.com--one of the first titles to appear is 'The Art of Making Sex Sacred.' Any potential readers should know that this book has nothing at all to do with Sikhism." --From a traditional Sikh

"There are two aspects of this issue. Business and Brahmin like cult. There is no place of Tantric or Kundilini Yoga within Sikhism, which is promoted in the West by Yogi Bhajan. One GurSikh Dr. Trilochan Singh (who was a companion of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh) wrote a book called "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" in the early 70s in response to what Yogi Bhajan teaches. That book is sharp attack on [3H)] practices and teachings. This rare and out of print book is available from Nahal Global Trading Co. P.O. Box 21949 San Jose, CA 95151-1949. The Yoga of the Sikhs is 'Nam Simran,' not Yogic 'assanas.' If Yoga were part of Sikhism it would have been part of the Nitnem! An American Khalsa, apparently another chela of Yogi Bhajan, sent me an e-mail message about his 'numerology' and web page, etc. I gently told him that this crap is all against Sikhism and reminded him that our great Guru, Guru Gobind Singh had warned us against such Brahminic practices (Bipran ki reet)." --From a traditional Sikh

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