Yogi Bhajan's comments about people that leave 3HO

Yogi Bhajan speaks
"People who have baptized themselves into Sikh Dharma, whenever they left, they have started where they were when they started".
(Bhajan, March 1978, "Beads of Truth", page 37)

"If a person was pushing marijuana before 3HO, when he leaves 3HO he is back pushing marijuana! It's amazing".
(Bhajan, KWTC Lecture, Part 1)

"Look what happened to those who left 3HO. One is living with his male boyfriend, and his ex wife doesn't know where to dump herself".
(Bhajan, KWTC Lecture, Part 1 page 445)

"…I have seen some people walk away from 3HO and leave. No problem. After they left, they scattered. Nothing could keep them together...when you are by yourself, then you do not care. No one cares for you either".
(Bhajan, KWTC Lecture, Part 1 page 156)

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