Tony Delevin, aka 'Gabriel,' speaks

Sedona Red Rock News/April 6, 2007
By Tyler Midkiff

On the sixth anniversary of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Tony Delevin, aka "Gabriel of Sedona," stood at a lectern backed by members of the Aquarian Concepts Community — now called the Global Community Communication Alliance — and spoke to a room of his followers. With a sort of subdued vitriol, he told them that America has lost its way.

"Our country has lost it," he said. "Lost it to greed, corporations and materialism."

It's a message many can identify with. Delevin also claims that he commands a fleet of spaceships that will swoop down to save his followers when much of the human race is destroyed.

Delevin claims his teachings are based on elements of The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book, Delevin said, describes the effects of the Lucifer Rebellion on Earth, aka "Urantia."

Delevin's book and its sequels describe the effects the rebellion had on planets in other universes — effects he said were communicated to him through celestial beings.

Delevin tells his followers at the GCCA that they are "starseed," or old souls, sent to Earth from faraway planets. Earth he tells them, is ruled mainly by "new souls" who are spiritually immature. Starseed find it difficult to live and work on Earth because they are unable to adapt to the fraudulence of life here.

When new members join the community, they are given new names and new histories which illustrate the many past lives they've led in this universe and in others, according to former member Mark Sprague.

Delevin claims he has led many past lives, he said. In interviews and in his autobiography, The Divine New Order, he claims he was once the Apostle Peter, St. Francis of Assisi, King Arthur, Martin Luther, Alexander the Great, George Washington and others.

But "the issue is who I am now," Delevin explained, "because I am greater today than who I was in any past life."

He states his current life's role on his Web site, He is an "Audio Fusion Material Complement," he writes, meaning that celestial beings use his voice to communicate spiritual truths to the people of Earth.

"Nebadon," the "head administrator of the local universe," first "fused" with Delevin in 1989 and since then, "Skyhawk," or "the Finaliter Paladin," has also established communication with him and regularly reveals universal truths to him from "Celestial Overcontrol," he said.

With the help of these "celestial beings," Delevin has made numerous predictions about his life, the life of others and the life of this planet.

He once predicted that much of the human race would be wiped out near the start of the 21st. century. It didn"t happen, but he admitted that he held the same belief during his life at the end of the first century.

"I went to my death thinking it," he said.

At the end of each century since, he has continued to believe that Christ would return, he said. But he does not live his lives depending on it, he explained. He instead focuses on changing the world through the spirit of truth Christ has given him, he said.

The devil, whom he calls "Caligastia," is alive and well on this planet, in the fifth dimension, he said.

Through his band, Gabriel & the Bright and Morning Star Band, Delevin claims to teach messages of higher consciousness.

He also promotes other bands with similar messages through the "Musicians-That-Need-To-Be-Heard-Network."

He and his "spiritual complement" Nancy Chase call themselves "the most significant spiritual leaders of our time."

Through them, the GCCA has founded dozens of companies, organizations, publications and teaching outlets, including Spirit Steps Tours, Global Change Multimedia, Future Studios, Global Family Legal Services, The Alternative Voice, Cathedral Rock Lodge & Retreat Center, the Starseed and Urantian Schools of Melchizedek and others.

During a speech titled "I Have a Vision," Delevin predicted that his company, Global Change Multimedia, will one day become "the parent planetary leading consolidate group for all media endeavors, including motion pictures, television, radio, Internet and music recordings."

To assist in his goal, he asks for money, support and representation on the Internet because there are forces at work to prevent "change agents," or people striving toward global change and spiritual unity, from being heard by the public, he said.

"As for me," he said, "I will serve the Lord, Christ Michael, and I will bring interuniversal truth to the planet."

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