Agape leader Rocco Leo, who fled Adelaide, ordered to disclose fortune in 21 days

The Advertiser, Australia/July 21, 2010

Runaway Agape Ministries leader Rocco Leo has been ordered to disclose the extent of his fortune to the District Court within 21 days.

Leo has also been given 14 days to defend claims he told people that evil governments would behead those who refused to be impregnated with tiny microchips.

Two people have filed claims, in the District Court, seeking reimbursement of monies paid to Leo and two senior members of his controversial church Joe and Mari Antoinette Veneziano.

Martin Penney and a disabled woman, who cannot be named, claim they were duped into handing over $1.2 million and $420,000 respectively.

In court papers, Mr Penney says Leo claimed earth's population would soon be impregnated with tiny microchips that would hold their personal information.

Those who refused the chip would be branded terrorists and gassed or beheaded in government-run concentration camps.

He says Leo warned those who chose to be microchipped would also die from slow-release poison hidden within the devices.

In her documents, the woman makes almost identical allegations.

She further claims Leo promised to keep her safe on "The Island", a South Pacific location where he would also heal her.

Today, lawyers for Mr Penney and the woman asked the court to order Leo's counsel file its documentation within 14 days.

Craig Caldicott, for Leo, said he needed more time.

"My client is outside the jurisdiction," he said.

"I need time to prepare the affidavits, send them overseas and have them returned to me."

Judge Dean Clayton ordered defence papers be filed by August 4, and asset disclosure be made by August 11.

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