Vanuatu link to Australian cult

Australian News Network/May 24, 2010

Australian police say members of a cult known as Agape Ministries were planning to flee the country and set up a community in Vanuatu.

Police raided the group's base in the sity of Adelaide last week and uncovered guns, detonators and ammunition.

They are now looking for three of the group's leaders.

Followers say Rocco Leo promised them a new life on an island in Vanuatu to save them from the end of the world.

Lesley Baligod says her son was one of many followeres who sold properties and provided money to help fund the plan.

She said: "I see him as a victim in all of this. He's been completely hoodwinked.

"They were told to get rid of their mobile phones before leaving.

"Once they get through customs in Vanuatu they've been told to ditch their passports. So there will be no escape.

"I do know that all of the people in the group had lessons in firearms.

"I know they've been packing things in container crates over the last few months.

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