Rufaqa Teachings More Extreme, Says Former Al-Arqam Leader

Rufaqa Teachings More Extreme, Says Former Al-Arqam Leader/November 29, 2006

Kuala Lumpur -- The teachings of the Rufaqa Corporation are more extreme than the teachings of the Al-Arqam sect which was banned in 1994, former Al-Arqam leader Sheikh Hussein Sheikh Omar said Wednesday.

Sheikh Hussein, who is now the Deputy President of the Malaysian Entrepreneurs and Islamic Management Association, said the Rufaqa Corporation had additional teachings that were more damaging to the faith of Muslims.

"The extreme teachings of Rufaqa include instilling the belief among followers that Ashaari Muhammad or Abuya (former leader of Al-Arqam) has the power to forgive sins," he told reporters in an interview here Wednesday.

Sheikh Hussein said the Rufaqa activities have spread all over the country.

"Unfortunately, little action was taken against the group (Rufaqa) which enabled it to continue growing," he added.

Tuesday, the Malaysian Religious Development Department (Jakim) urged the Selangor government to evaluate the teachings of Rufaqa.

Meanwhile, in KUCHING, the Sarawak Fatwa Council will meet on Friday to decide on the appropriate action to be taken against the branches of the Rufaqa Corporation in the state.

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