Tony Alamo's Jailhouse Interview 27, 2009

Alamo spoke from behind a thick steel door in the Bowie County Correctional Center's segregation wing. It was a rambling and sometimes combative interview. Alamo repeatedly accused the media and the government of participating in a conspiracy with the Vatican to get him convicted.

Asked about his marriages to young girls, Alamo said, "see if you can find any marriage licenses." When I asked very pointedly if he had sex with underage girls Alamo replied, "uh, no."

I also asked about the future of his church and who's in charge. "If they stay in the Lord it will go on. Everybody's been trained. I told you, but you don't... It doesn't sink into your stinking stupid skull..."

Alamo's defense team is planning to file a motion for new trial this week.

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