Estranged wife, mother of four allegedly missing

Sequoyah County Times /August 20, 2009

A mother and her four children who allegedly had ties with the Tony Alamo Ministries and lived on the property Alamo owned in Muldrow, has not made contact with the children's father in over two years.

Alamo was recently convicted by a federal court jury in Texarkana, Ark., on 10 counts of transporting underage girls across state lines for sex. Alamo, 74, faces up to 175 years in prison, plus fines that could total $2.5 million.

The ministry has buildings in Moffett and Muldrow. The housing complex in Muldrow appears to be vacant.

"We haven't seen anyone there in a while. There is a moving truck sitting outside," Muldrow Police Chief Tony Lewis said.

The housing complex is where Chuck Renfroe said his wife was living the last time he had contact with her and his children.

Chuck Renfroe, of Georgia said he and his wife, Tifini Noel Thompson Renfroe, loaded their three children into the vehicle and headed toward Oklahoma about seven or eight years ago to get a new start in life.

Chuck Renfroe's past caught up with him and he got in trouble with the law. Chuck Renfroe was sent to the Department of Corrections (DOC) in 2005, according to his mother, Linda Renfroe.

Linda Renfroe said her son kept in contact with his wife throughout his time in prison. She said after her son was released he moved back to her home in Georgia.

Chuck Renfroe kept in touch with his wife, Tifini, and his children through phone calls, mail and visits to Muldrow.

According to the police report filed on Aug. 5, Chuck Renfroe told Lewis that during his last visit his wife in 2007 she became pregnant. Chuck Renfroe told Lewis he has never seen his fourth child.

"The last time we saw our grandchildren was May 2007. The last time we talked to the children was in July or August 2008. Tifini cut us off from them." Linda Renfroe said during a telephone interview.

Linda Renfroe said she didn't understand.

She said, "Tifini loved that we kept close to the children."

Linda Renfroe said after the birth of her fourth grandchild in February 2008 the contact between her and her daughter-in-law became more infrequent.

"Tifini told us the pastor was going to name her child and my son became angry. Chuck Renfroe e-mailed the pastor and complained. After the e-mail we received one phone call from Tifini and she told us that she was remarried and that Chuck Renfroe blasphemies the pastor in his e-mail and hung up the phone," Linda Renfroe said.

Linda Renfroe said the two began to call the church constantly trying to talk to Tifini. In November 2008 they talked with someone who told them all the people with children were ordered to leave by the pastor.

"This was about the time that the federal authorities were in the process of finishing a criminal case against Tony Alamo," Lewis reported.

"We assume Tifini and the four children left the housing complex in Muldrow," Linda Renfroe said.

Chuck Renfro reported that members at the Alamo Church Ministries in Muldrow became uncooperative and would tell him they didn't know who Tifini was.

Lewis said in October 2008 Linda Renfroe told him of her concern about her grandchildren being abused.

"Tifini is a good person. She just became brain washed."

The family of the four missing children said they heard Tifini might be in Birmingham, Ala.

According to the police report, the exact location of Tifini and her four minor children are unknown. Chuck Renfroe told Lewis that it was his intention to take whatever legal steps necessary to reunite himself with his children.

According to the police report, Lewis contacted Special Agent Jennifer Chapman with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Lewis said she was familiar with the case. The children will be posted on the National Crime Investigation Center Website, according to the report.

The following children are missing and presumed to be with Tifini Noel Thompson Renfroe.

    • Noah Ashton Renfroe, 10 years old

    • Isaiah Bryan Renfroe, 9 years old

    • Kaylee Sunshine Renfroe, 7 years old

  • Josiah Jeremiah Renfroe, one year old

Chuck Renfroe said all the children have green eyes and blonde or brown hair.

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