Tony Alamo speaks out

KSLA News, Arkansas/September 22, 2008

Fouke, Arkansas -- Tony Alamo spoke to KSLA News 12 just 24 hours after federal agents raided his ministry in south Arkansas.

Their investigation: accusations of child sexual abuse and the trafficking of young girls across state lines.

Alamo claims he hasn't done anything wrong.

In fact, he defended his ministry and while he claims he isn't a polygamist, he defended the practice of polygamy itself.

"We're the holiest church on the face of this earth and these scumbags think they can investigate us," said Alamo.

That was Tony Alamo's response to more than 100 federal agents raiding his ministry in Fouke Arkansas Saturday evening.

"Another thing too, they're trying to accuse me of trafficking young girls across state lines. That's the dirtiest, rotten, lie that ever happened," Alamo added.

The Associated Press reports this is the third time agents have raided Alamo's ministry since 1991.

Prosecutors have labeled Alamo as a polygamist.

Authorities say his ministry is responsible for trafficking young girls across state lines.

"It's the transportation of minors with the intent to engage in criminal activity," said an FBI agent.

Alamo denies all allegations, but does say polygamy is not a sin.

"I don't see that at all. And besides if I was a polygamist, it's not a crime God sends people to hell for," said Alamo.

When asked if he condones polygamy, Alamo said, "God does. Are you saying God is wrong by condoning it? Moses had 3 wives."

KSLA News 12 spoke with an FBI spokesperson in Little Rock.

He said the bureau could not comment on plans for an arrest of Tony Alamo.

The spokesperson said it's an ongoing investigation.

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