Former Tony Alamo Church Member Speaks Out

KSLA News, Louisiana/September 24, 2008

Shreveport, Louisiana - "He is definitely a man who arranges marriages of little girls, and orders beatings of little children." These are only a couple events Anthony Lane says he witnessed during his two month stay at the Tony Alamo Ministries in 1996 before being kicked out of the church and out of the lives of his three children.

"I felt like I had lost any reason to live I didn't have a reason to live in fact I was suicidal."Lane was kicked out of the church after he says he questioned Alamo's teachings, and after a while he found help and support through a group know as PACA or Partnered against Cult Activities.

"PACA has been giving me counseling about what steps I should take and giving me number of people I should call." Such as lawyers, who Lane says has been working with him to get custody of his kids from his wife who is still with the church, but he says it's not easy, when Alamo cuts off contact to his family.

"It's hard to get somebody served and take them to court when they keep moving around on you deliberately."Lane says he's not sure if he will ever see his 2 daughters 13 year old Ashley and 11 year old Sarah ever again, but he says he won't stop trying to prevent them from becoming another victim of Tony Alamo. "It is heartbreaking because I don't know any of my kids."

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