Alamo 'enforcer' also sought for civil lawsuit

Associated Press/January 12, 2009

Texarkana, Arkansas - Two former followers at the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries are seeking more time to serve court papers against Alamo's alleged enforcer, John Kolbek.

Kolbek is sought by state authorities for a beating sustained by Seth Calagna, who along with Spencer Ondrisek has filed a civil suit against Kolbek and Alamo. The plaintiffs say Kolbek is hiding from authorities and that they need more time to serve him with a copy of a lawsuit.

After Alamo's arrest following a September 20th raid on his compound in Fouke, Ondrisek testified at a bond hearing that Kolbek and Alamo had beaten him. Calagna says he, too, was beaten.

Kolbek is also wanted by the FBI for unlawful flight from prosecution.

If Kolbek can't be found, Calanga and Ondrisek can ask for permission to serve Kolbek publicly through publishing the suit in newspapers. If Kolbek does not surface, a judge could enter a default judgment against Kolbek.

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