Tony Alamo Visitor Comments

"I first heard about Tony Alamo through a newsletter, the Alamo Christian Ministries World Newsletter. Then I began to email the Holy Alamo Christian Church.They said they were an 'old hippy church' and spoke about their distaste for worldly society. These are things that many young people can relate to, so when they invited me to join the church in LA I happily agreed. From the moment I arrived, something seemed very wrong. The women are told to look at the ground if a 'brother' enters the room, and I was chastised my first day for speaking. The Pastor often yells at members. Also, the members followed me around and would not let me call my parents, without letting them listen in. They said this is because the Pope's 'one-world government' has often sent spies to the church. This was not what I expected. The group goes to Hollywood Blvd. every night trying to convince street people to come back for a meal. After five days I made my escape on one of those outings. An agency bought me a bus ticket home. I was lucky! However, others might not be so lucky."


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