Tony Alamo properties sold at auction

KTBS-3 News, Louisiana/June 12, 2014

By Julie Parr

Fouke, Arkarnsas -- An auction in Miller County is held to sell property of a self-proclaimed prophet and help satisfy a court judgment.

Proceeds from the sale will be given to the victims whom Tony Alamo was convicted of abusing.

Alamo set up his million dollar ministry in Fouke, Arkansas in the 1990's.

However in 2009, he was sentenced to life in prison for molesting children he took in as brides.

Alamo also owes money to two men who were beaten, starved and denied education, while being raised in the ministry.

Money from a public auction of his property will be used to partially satisfy a $30 million judgment.

"We bought the house for the investment. We're going to the flip it or rent it. It's a nice house," said Harold Fallis, Fouke, Arkansas.

Harold Fallis and his wife, Mary, purchased one of Alamo's three story homes for $23,000.

"It's sad that the whole thing happened and I pray for Mr. Alamo, but the kids deserve everything they get, plus more," said Mary Fallis.

Five Alamo properties were sold in the auction. All of the Fouke properties sold for about $75,000.

It included the church complex, Alamo's home, a church gymnasium and a building known as the "house of scorn" where girls were allegedly forced to fast.

David Carter, attorney for two of the abused boys, says it hasn't been easy to get the money from Alamo, since none of the ministries properties were in his name.

On top of that, he says Alamo followers gutted the buildings.

He says there are 15 properties in Texarkana, Fouke and Fort Smith left to sell.

"It's a great day for our clients. We are one step closer to getting the judgment paid, and we have stopped Tony Alamo's operations in Arkansas," said David Carter, plaintiff's attorney.

Meanwhile, Fouke Mayor Terry Purvis says the crime was horrific, but the community banded together to stop the abuse.

He says the town finally has closure.

"I hope now that the greater good can be used in these buildings after seeing what was happening in the past. It's just a happy day," said Mayor Purvis.

Attorneys say they still have about $29 million to collect from the judgment.

Alamo is currently serving a 175-year prison sentence for taking young girls across state lines for sex.

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