Racist Alliance Sets Sights on 'White Utahns'

The Salt Lake Tribune/August 21, 2000

Residents of Salt Lake City's Ensign Downs neighborhood are the latest to receive social and political surveys and membership applications from the National Alliance, a group denouncing "the sickness of multiculturalism, which is destroying America, Britain, and every other Aryan nation in which it is being promoted."

Calling for a "racially clean area of the earth" -- white schools, white residential neighborhoods, white recreation areas and white workplaces" -- the group is asking "white Utahns of good moral character" to pay $15 to participate in the Alliance's effort "to build a secure and healthy future by having no non-whites in our living space." To be worthy to learn more about the Alliance, a person must answer correctly six or more of the 10 questions on the organization's survey. In other words, you must believe that:

  •  Third World immigrants are bad for America;
  •  Homosexuality is unnatural and immoral;
  •  Bill Clinton has disgraced the office of the president;
  •  Political correctness is ridiculous;
  •  The media doesn't report the whole story;
  •  Politicians are corrupt.

Additionally, you must date only within your own race and have thoroughly researched your genealogy.

The Alliance is based in Hillsboro, W.Va., but recently infiltrated Salt Lake City to "preserve the traditions and values of Utah and the West."

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