Racist Fliers Left on Cars in Wyo.

New York Times/October 8, 2002

Casper, Wyo. -- Fliers encouraging segregation and railing against nonwhites and Jews were discovered on parked cars by people attending a show by a black performance artist.

Sgt. Chris Walsh said the fliers were distributed outside of the Casper Events Center on Saturday by the Hillsboro, W.Va.-based National Alliance during a show by artist Kema Jamal.

One flier asked, " Diversity -- Is it really our strength?'' The flier also targeted the Anti-Defamation League and concluded, "Just say no to more diversity.''

Another flier encouraged segregation, saying "Abraham Lincoln opposed integration.'' A third flier purportedly showed crime statistics, without citing sources, that said blacks were many times more likely to commit rape, murder and armed robbery than whites.

City Councilwoman Barb Watters said that while everyone has the right to free speech, Casper residents have the right to be angry over the racist messages.

She planned to give the fliers to other City Council members to show "why we cannot keep our mouths shut about these things.''

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