Nic's Swami soiree

The Daily Telegraph, UK/September 30, 2007

Has Scientology-shunning Nicole Kidman become the latest celebrity to embrace Indian spirituality instead?

Devotees of Swami Ramakrishna were a little surprised when the famous actress turned up to last weekend's talk given by the highly respected Swami at Newtown's Subud Hall.

The star arrived with a woman known only as "Anna'' who said that she was from Middle Harbour. Those attending the talks noted that Kidman "wasn't harassed by anyone, seemed serene and seemed to enjoy herself. Unfortunately she left before the beautiful Indian food was served, which was all included in the $40 entry fee.''.

The Swami was in Australia representing Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Math), known around the world as the hugging saint, for she hugs all those who attend her spiritual programs.

Nicole Kidman's spokesman said that she was unaware whether the Newtown excursion was the start of a spiritual journey for the actress.

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