Radical Environmental Group Admits Wal-Mart Vandalism

Construction Equipment Sabotaged

WRTV Indianapolis/October 29, 2003

Martinsville, Ind. -- A radical environmental group that opposes urban sprawl has claimed responsibility for damage done to heavy equipment at a Wal-Mart construction site.

The Earth Liberation Front issued a statement Tuesday claiming that its members had sabotaged more than a dozen pieces of machinery by pouring sand in fuel tanks, slashing tires, and cutting engine hoses.

The statement was e-mailed to The Associated Press by the ELF Press Office, which forwards updates on the group's activities to the media.

Police in Martinsville, about 20 miles south of Indianapolis, said vandals Friday also spray-painted graffiti on some of the vehicles, including the phrase "Stop Development."

The ELF has done more than $100 million damage since it split off from the radical environmental group Earth First! and surfaced in the United States five years ago.

Recently, the group has claimed responsibility for a string of suburban arsons and fire-bombings of Hummer sport-utility vehicles at car dealerships in California.

ELF was suspected in arsons of homes under construction in the Bloomington area in 2000 and 2002.

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