Alleged eco-terrorist Tre Arrow denied bail while awaiting extradition hearing

Associated Press/December 3, 2004
By Jeremy Hainsworth

Vancouver, British Columbia -- Alleged Oregon eco-terrorist Tre Arrow was again denied bail Friday by a Canadian court as he awaits the start of his Jan. 4 extradition hearing.

Arrow's lawyer, Tim Russell suggested bail conditions - which in most cases involve an approved residence, the posting of bond and other conditions - but provincial Supreme Court Justice Patrick Dohm turned them down, saying "This plan is not acceptable."

Arrow, a U.S. Green Party candidate for Congress in 2000, is wanted for his alleged role in the 2001 firebombing of logging and cement trucks in Oregon.

The FBI claims Arrow is associated with the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), its number one domestic terrorism priority. The group has claimed responsibility for dozens of acts of destruction over the past few years.

Dohm had earlier suggested bail in the amount of up to $252,000. He would not accept bond from outside Canada.

"These are serious crimes that are alleged," Dohm said in his ruling. "This man is not known here. He's from another country."

Gaunt and clad in red prison garb, Arrow waived to a dozen supporters who waited for him to be led into court by officers.

"I think it's pretty unfair," supporter Tracie Park said of the bail decision. "We think Tre belongs out here with us. He's a tremendously kind and caring individual."

Russell had suggested earlier that Arrow will seek a jury trial if he is extradited to face the charges in Oregon.

In anticipation of such a trial, Russell has applied for and received a publication ban on submissions at the extradition hearing. That ban was extended Friday. Russell fears the information could taint a potential jury.

Arrow maintains he wouldn't get a fair trial in the United States.

Arrow, 30, was born Michael Scarpitti but says the trees told him to change his name. He says he is not a terrorist.

He faces charges in Oregon of destroying vehicles used in interstate commerce and using incendiary devices in a crime of violence.

The charges carry combined sentences of up to 80 years in prison.

Arrow has applied for refugee status in Canada and an Immigration and Refugee Board determined that he is eligible to seek it.

Arrow eats only uncooked vegetarian food, something his lawyers had said he could not get in jail. At one point he was put in solitary confinement for hoarding vegetables in his cell. That led to a hunger strike during which he was hospitalized. Park said supporters are now ensuring Arrow receives food he can eat.

Arrow has been convicted on a shoplifting charge in Victoria, B.C. He has been jailed since that arrest. He gave police a false name at the time of his arrest but was identified by his fingerprints.

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