Animal Rights and Environmental Extremists Visitor Comments

"So many young people are getting recruited into this movement and enticed to act as operatives of activist cells. They're causing a lot of heartbreak and harm to others, and they're on a dangerous path for their own future. Years from now many will realize their mistakes, but too late. Anything that can done to dissuade one youth from entering the movement, or to alert a parent, is worth all the effort."

"You have done a wonderful service by posting information about the Animal Rights movement. To say that they are a couple of bricks shy of a load is an understatement. Their behavior is definitely cult-like. For those of us in the animal rescue community, it is often difficult to explain the differences between what we do and Animal Rights organizations. The public is terribly confused about the difference between 'animal welfare' and 'animal rights.' Your website helps to show the differences and demonstrate the mindset, agenda and especially the fanaticism and zealotry that often exists at the heart of the Animal Rights movement. People should know when they contribute to such organizations what they are supporting and make more informed decisions."

"Thanks so much for posting information about animal rights and environmental extremists. I think that there is an element of danger there. Naive young people seem to be easily drawn into this and soon find themselves in too deep. This sort of thing is now being pandered on many university and college campuses. Parents should be aware of the potential dangers that their sons and daughters might be exposed to through such groups. They have used tactics, which include physical attacks and the targeting of employees, owners or anyone in a company they oppose. Sadly, attacks on industries and businesses and the people who depend upon them for their livelihood, are of no concern to these cultish folk. You are doing a public service by showing the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy side of the animal rights and environmental movements."


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