Thousands on Twitter follow a convicted sex offender wanted by authorities in the United States.

CultNews/August 3 2011

Anton Hein (1996 photo right), a self-proclaimed "expert" and "minister" dispenses religious news and advice from Amsterdam. However, the preacher is a probation violator with a warrant issued for his immediate arrest.

Mr. Hein was convicted for a "lewd act upon a child", his 13-year-old niece, and served jail time in California before being placed on probation. Shortly after his release Hein chose to violate probation by leaving the country to relocate in Amsterdam without permission.

Hein uses his Web site "Apologetics Index" and assorted blogs as profitable platforms for Google ads. The former US resident and Dutch citizen has also managed to collect disability payments in the Netherlands, though he seems to be quite able at managing his Web business.

Despite pleading guilty to sex charges Anton Hein incredibly claims that he is innocent of any crime and calls comments about his criminal conviction "ad-hominem attacks".

However, Mr. Hein has been listed as a registered sex offender in California. And he also has the dubious distinction of being named at a Web site as one of the "ministers who have sexually abused children".

Supposedly an evangelical Christian Hein seems to have somehow forgotten the proscribed process for addressing bad behavior according to the New Testament.

The Christian scriptures explain that the first step on a genuine path of repentance requires that the sinner admit the sin and take responsibility, something Anton Hein appears unable and/or unwilling to do.

Instead, Hein bashes the United States judicial system, as if the courts could somehow be blamed for his crime.

Wouldn't it be a more meaningful response if Mr. Hein summoned up the integrity to exemplify the old adage "practice what you preach"?

Despite all these glaring personal and public contradictions, Anton Hein, sex offender and self-styled preacher, has successfully managed to garner a faithful following on Twitter.

Update: Anton Hein has posted that "RNB's Twitter stream is edited by David Anderson." However, Twitter followers should know that everything at "RNB" including its "Twitter stream" is ultimately controlled and operated by Anton Hein.

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