Superior and Municipal Court of California, County of San Bernardino

People vs. Hein, Anton William

Criminal Minute Order -3 July 22, 1994

See scanned document (three pages)

This document reflects hearings on probation and review. This includes the terms of release from jail for Anton Hein.  Anton Hein is the founder and person responsible for the websites Apologetics Index, Religion News Blog, Cult and Cult FAQ. Hein is also the leader of a small group he calls a "house church" in Amsterdam.

Anton Hein plead guilty to a "lewd act upon a child," his 13-year-old niece.  The document linked (three pages) details the terms and conditions of Hein's release. Hein must "have no contact with victim or her family" and he must "surrender [his] passport to the court." 

At the time Hein was jailed and the court stated that the "Defendant will not be released until the court has been give defendant's passport." Hein was advised that once his "passport [was] surrendered to the court and [was] lodged in the clerk's office safe on the 2nd floor" he would be released from custody pending further proceedings.

Anton Hein would ultimately plead guilty to his crime and become a convicted sex offender. He was subsequently imprisoned, but later released on probation as a registered sex offender in the State of California. However, Hein violated the terms and conditions of his probation, which was revoked, by leaving the country and a warrant was subsequently issued by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department for his immediate arrest. 

The warrant for the arrest of Anton Hein can be confirmed by visiting the San Diego Sheriff's Department website and entering the name Anton Willem Hein. A record will appear confirming his felony warrant status and date of birth (8-14-1957).

Anton Hein remains a wanted criminal and fugitive residing in Amsterdam.  Hein runs his various websites from the Netherlands.

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