Apostolic Faith Church of God silenced Charles Keyes for "disruptive and disrespectful behavior" in 2003

September 6, 2005
By Rick Ross

In an official letter dated May 27, 2003 from the leadership of the Apostolic Faith Church of God (AFCOG) Charles Keyes, Sr. was silenced for "disruptive and disrespectful behavior."

The letter stated the following:

"As a result of your disruptive and disrespectful behavior in our women's convention on Sunday May 25th [2003], the AFCOG Board of Elders require that you immediately become inactive (silent) in all convention and district settings. And you will not be eligible to hold any district or general office or participate in any general or district functions for two years."

The letter was signed by the then Vice Bishop and Chairman of the AFCOG Robert L. Lyons. It was also singed by the AFCOG General Secretary Otis J. Smith.

Note: Despite Charles Keyes, Sr. claim that he is a "bishop," Keyes was never appointed or elected according to the AFCOG bylaws. His father Oree Keyes continues to hold that title, though he is now inactive and retired. Charles Keyes, Sr. was designated an "elder." The man who is now the official, recognized and active bishop of the AFCOG is Robert L. Lyons.

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