Charles Keyes, Sr. ministerial credentials withdrawn by organization headquarters

September 6, 2005
By Rick Ross

During 2003 the Apostolic Faith Church of God (AFCOG), an organization that held official status regarding the credentials of Charles Keyes, Sr.found itself increasingly at odds with him.

Keyes was subsequently silenced officially for two years in a disciplinary action taken by denominational leaders in May of 2003 for his "disruptive and disrespectful behavior."

Apparently, Keyes disregarded that decision and became more "disrespectful" calling himself "bishop." A title that was not possible for him to claim according to the AFCOG bylaws.

The rift continued to widen between the AFCOG and Keyes until he essentially became something like a renegade pastor.

Eventually, the AFCOG felt it was necessary to notify Ohio officials in writing that Charles Keyes, Sr. no longer had any meaningful and/or official standing within that organization.

Accordingly, on January 17, 2004 the AFCOG sent a letter to the county clerk in Ashtabula, Ohio.

That letter stated the following:

"Please note, effective immediately, Pastor Charles Keyes, Sr. and the former Jefferson Apostolic Faith Church of God, located at 841 Griggs Road in Jefferson, Ohio, are no longer affiliated with the Apostolic Faith Church of God and its organization..."

The letter further specified that -- "...all credentials issued to Pastor Keyes and his ministers are hereby revoked. We no longer endorse him in any religious activity formerly supported by our organization (i.e.: weddings, funerals, counseling, dedication, christenings, etc.)."

This official written notification was signed by Otis J. Smith, General Secretary of the AFCOG Board of Elders.

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