Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Plaster Rock Visitor Comments

"They now require any members of the church who have Internet access to have the 'Covenant Eyes' software (designed for recovering porn addicts) and they have the church listed as accountability partner. That way, the pastoral team has total access to everyone's internet history, every keystroke gets logged and analyzed...They have also in the last 3 years instituted a rule that...family, must be shunned. This is to the point where families have kicked out minor children who refused to attend...
It's gotten really, really scary."

"Just wanted to thank you for the site and the things you do every day to expose people like the Plaster Rock Church that tore my family apart. You have some stories on your website that I hated until I got out of that cult [sic]! I even remember writing you some hateful emails a couple years ago. I do apologize."

"After watching a segment on CBC about the McKillops I found your website. Education seems to be the most effective antidote to the 'teachings' of loud-mouth, wind-bags such as the McKillop people."


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