Aryan jailed again after new episode

Used pepper spray again, police say

Spokane Spokesman-Review/May 26, 2002
By Tracy Ellig

For the second time in two weeks, the "staff leader" of the Aryan Nations was arrested after allegedly squabbling with a couple who live with him in the home of white supremacist Richard Butler.

Shaun P. Winkler, 23, was arrested Saturday afternoon after pepper-spraying three adults and two children at the 7-Eleven store on the 9500 block of Government Way in Hayden, according to Kootenai County Sheriff's Sgt. Lee Richardson.

Winkler was at the store getting gas shortly after noon when by chance he met the couple shopping with their two daughters. He argued with the man in front of the store, it escalated and Winkler used pepper spray, Richardson said. A third adult unconnected to the dispute was also hit with the spray, Richardson said.

Winkler was arrested on four counts of battery. He was released after posting a $1,200 bond around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

"They are acquaintances and don't see eye to eye," Richardson said of Winkler and the couple. "Basically, they are hostile toward each other."

Richardson wouldn't give the couple's names, but said they and Winkler had a confrontation two weeks ago where law enforcement was present.

On the night of May 17, Winkler was booked into jail after he let loose with pepper spray that hit Hayden Lake Police Chief Jason Felton, police said.

In that incident, Felton had responded to a report of a fight at Butler's home. The fight was over when Felton arrived, but as he was questioning witnesses, Winkler came out of the house and tried to pepper spray one of them -- inadvertently gassing Felton.

Winkler's actions that night stemmed from a fight between his fiancee, Patricia "Nicki" McLeod, 20, and Karena A. Giselle, 21, authorities said.

Butler had ordered Giselle and her boyfriend, David A. Johnson, 24, to move out of his house.

Also involved in the dispute was long-time Aryan Nations follower Michael Teague. Butler wanted Teague out of the house as well. Winkler was apparently trying to spray Teague when he got Felton.

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