History of the Aryan Brotherhood

Associated Press/March 5, 2006

History of the Aryan Brotherhood as detailed in federal indictments of members:

_ 1964: White inmates at San Quentin state prison in Northern California form the Aryan Brotherhood.

_ 1973: The group spreads to federal prisons.

_ 1980: Federal prisoners in the gang form a three-member group with authority to approve killings, assaults, drug deals and other activities.

_ 1997: The gang forms individual units with separate leaders to oversee security, drugs, gambling and other business.

_ 2002: Forty alleged members are arrested on a variety of charges, including racketeering, murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of murder and various drug offenses. The arrests occur across the country, with search warrants executed at prisons and offices in 12 states.

_ 2006: Experts believe national membership has grown to about 15,000 inside and outside prisons. It is no longer necessary to be white to

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