Aum Shinrikyo--Little Cropdusters

Reuters/October 14, 1995

TOKYO, Oct 14 (Reuter) - Japan's Aum doomsday cult, accused of masterminding a fatal nerve gas attack on Tokyo subways, considered spraying the drug LSD from the sky, the daily Asahi Shimbun said on Saturday.

The Aum Shinri Kyo (Aum Supreme Truth Sect) first started studying the powerful hallucinogenic LSD as a kind of ``chemical weapon'' it might use during an armed revolt, the Asahi said citing police sources.

Japanese police declined to comment on the report.

Police, who believe the sect was making LSD, mescaline, amphetamines and other illegal drugs at the cult's facilities, have already charged members of the sect with drugs-related offences.

During the subway attacks in March, 11 people died and more than 5,500 were injured.

Cult leader Shoko Asahara has already been arrested and charged with murder and other crimes. His trial is due to begin on October 26.

Scores of Aum believers have also been arrested and charged with a wide range of crimes from murder to trespassing.

Police believe Asahara ordered the production of the drugs as part of his strategy to control members of the cult.

Japanese news reports say Aum was building up a stock of weapons with the aim of undertaking an armed uprising.


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