Egawa to resign as cult girl's guardian

Yomiuri Shimbun/September 14, 2007

Journalist Shoko Egawa applied to resign as guardian of the fourth daughter of Aum Supreme Truth cult founder Chizuo Matsumoto at the Saitama Family Court on Wednesday.

Although Egawa, 49, was appointed guardian in March at the request of the 18-year-old girl, who had said she wanted to leave the cult, Egawa said, "The girl is increasingly apt to admire Matsumoto as a 'guru.' I can't support a girl who considers herself to be a successor to the cult's guru."

According to sources, the daughter secretly made contact with cult members and members of a new group led by former cult leader Fumihiro Joyu after Egawa became her guardian. The daughter reportedly said to the members, "I've had a [religious] epiphany," or "I have to help people."

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