High court rejects appeal of Aum cult leader’s 4th oldest daughter to receive his ashes

Japan Today/March 12, 2021

The Tokyo High Court has rejected an appeal by the fourth oldest daughter of Shoko Asahara (real name Chizuo Matsumoto), the executed cult leader of Aum Shinrikyo, to receive his cremated remains. Last September, the court ruled that Matsumoto’s second daughter would take possession of her father’s ashes.

Following his execution in July 2018, the cult founder’s remains were stored in the Tokyo Detention House as the Ministry of Justice decided which family member would receive his ashes, Sankei Shimnun reported. Since then, Matsumoto’s widow and second oldest daughter have been in a dispute with the fourth daughter over the handover of the remains, including his hair.

In September 2020, the Tokyo Family Court decided to grant the second daughter possession of Matsumoto’s ashes. However, the fourth daughter lodged an appeal with the Tokyo High Court that was ultimately rejected on Wednesday.

While on death row, Matsumoto reportedly requested that his fourth daughter be the one to receive his remains. Dissatisfied with the ruling, her lawyers are planning to file an appeal with the Supreme Court to overturn the Tokyo High Court’s ruling.

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