Cultist hints Asahara ordered attack


Japan Times, June 24, 2000

An Aum Shinrikyo doctor testified in court Friday that he believes cult leader Shoko Asahara meant for him to use sarin when he ordered him to attack a Yokohama lawyer in 1994.

Appearing before the Tokyo District Court, Tomomasa Nakagawa, who is accused of helping the cult produce the nerve agent, said that Asahara told him and four other followers that they should use "wizard" on the lawyer, Taro Takimoto.

Nakagawa said that he believes Asahara was aware that the term "wizard" was a term adopted by the cult for sarin. The word was commonly used by cult members involved in the production of sarin, and Asahara understood the meaning of similar cult terminology when it was used in front of him.

Asahara allegedly ordered the five followers to kill the anti-Aum lawyer by releasing liquid sarin onto his car in May 1994 in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture. The attorney sustained minor injuries.

During Friday's trial hearing, Nakagawa said he believed the sarin produced at the time was defective and would not kill the lawyer.


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