Law puts brakes on Aum activities

The Japan Times/December 20, 2000

Although a year-old law to regulate dangerous organizations has put the brakes on the activities of Aum Shinrikyo, the cult still poses a potential threat to the public, Justice Minister Masahiko Komura said Tuesday.

Since Jan. 28, the Public Security Investigation Agency has carried out 15 on-the-spot inspections, covering 39 Aum facilities nationwide, in accordance with the law that took effect on Dec. 27 last year.

The minister said that, through these inspections and through four mandatory periodical reports from Aum, the law has served its role in checking, to some extent, activities by the cult that had been causing public anxiety.

He said that the potential danger of the cult still exists, however, as jailed guru Shoko Asahara continues to wield immense power.

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