Key members of the Aum Shinri Kyo cult


Associated Press/March 15, 1999

What's happened to some of key figures in Aum Shinri Kyo cult:

Shoko Asahara:

Cult's 44-year-old guru. At Tokyo Detention Center while on trial on murder and other charges stemming from 1995 subway gas attack. Still worshipped as cult's absolute leader.

Fumihiro Joyu:

Regarded as most charismatic leader after Asahara, attracted many young women to cult with boyish looks. Currently wrapping up last year of prison term for forgery. Graduate of an elite university and former official in Japan's space program.

Reika Matsumoto:

Asahara's third daughter, known by her holy name Archary. Though role largely symbolic, the teen-ager has highest title in cult and heads its computer division, group's most important money-maker.

Tomoko Matsumoto:

Asahara's 39-year-old wife. Sentenced last May to seven years in prison for 1994 murder of cult member.

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