Ashram Inhibits Personal Freedom

Vero Beach Press Journal/September 9, 2001
By Dr. Harry Brodie

I cannot resist writing to refute the letter sent from Krishnapriya Hutner ("Rosenkranz wrong to attack ashram", Aug. 23) I lived on Kashi Ranch for three years. I knew Richard Rosenkranz and his wife, Gina, well.

I know that the marriage was arranged by Ma to secure another baby for her and Master Cho. I left Kashi Ranch because Ma controlled too many aspects of the lives of her students. I left Kashi Ranch many years ago.

I was not allowed to visit my family without her permission. My wife and I were prohibited from having sex without Ma's permission. I was pressured, along with three other couples to surrender my first child to Ma. I was told when and where I was going to work. I was sleep deprived most of the three years I lived there.

I worked 50 hours a week as a physician and was required to stay up until 3 a.m. listening to lectures from Ma. There was no privacy, no time to relax and no time to reflect on my life. Information from the outside world was limited and considered unimportant.

Everyone outside of Kashi Ranch was looked upon as materialistic and ignorant of spiritual matters. I am a successful physician and married to my wife of 27 years. We have three wonderful children and a full life. I sincerely believe Kashi Ranch is a destructive cult and the public needs to know what I and many other former members feel.

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