Crisis Brewing in Central California Assemblies

March 2001
By a former 17 year member of the Geftakys Assembly

There now seems to be a significant crisis brewing in one of the Central California assemblies. It appears about a 50% of the "saints" there have left apparently due to the behavior of George's oldest son David. He has separated from his wife. The reason for this separation appears to be frequent physical and constant mental abuse. About half of the "saints" in the assembly where David was "leading" seem to have left due to this "last straw." Of those that are still there, few seem to know what happened--just that David's wife left him.

David Geftakys taught that a wife should not leave her husband, even if she is beaten. That teaching may have been somewhat prophetic. One year after that pronouncement David's wife is gone. I was there the night he taught this. Only one person opposed him. The others either said "AMEN" or remained silent.

Some new assembly talking points that often come up now are:

1. How do you know he was beating his wife? Were you there?

2. His wife is lying and fabricating this story.

3. We are dealing with it, David is not in this ministry any longer and we are no longer supporting him.

First, I was there and did hear him and his wife fighting and yelling on a weekly basis for years. I did see, along with many others, bruises and cuts on the face and neck of both David and his wife. I have spoken personally with his wife and have looked her in the eye when she described what happened to her. She is not lying. Furthermore, I reported this abuse and many other things to "leadership" years ago. Nothing was done. So, if someone encounters talking point number one please understand that many eyewitnesses saw the objective evidence that beatings took place.

Second, as to the claim that his wife fabricated the story--David's own children have corroborated the facts. Many people who lived in his "brother's house" can also corroborate the story. David's temper is well known. He seems to fit the classic pattern of a husband involved in spousal abuse.

Finally, as for the leadership "dealing with it," this is the most ludicrous aspect of this whole affair. They are hiding the abuse at every turn. They also appear to be attempting to discredit people who speak out. They have called David's wife mentally ill due to hormone problems, a liar, etc.

These leaders once gave their full allegiance to David Geftakys--a man that made many decisions, which have hurt families, women and children. David Geftakys ruled his assembly with an iron hand and was not held meaningfully accountable. He smoked cigarettes and lied about it. He yelled at people and was abusive. But was able to get away with all this because of his last name.

As for David not being supported--this looks like a real whopper. He appears to get money every month. How else could he pay his rent, gas and medical bills? Is so wealthy that he does not need to work? If so, how did this come about? No one in his flock is independently wealthy. How did he become so well off?

David Geftakys is now represented by an assembly lawyer regarding his current separation. I believe he will continue to be supported behind the scenes as long as he keeps quiet about some of the other abuses that go on.

See "What happens to the Money." No one knows who gets money. David has about $30,000.00 worth of car parts sitting in his garage. Where did the money for these things come from? He has not had a regular job in 25 years.

I find it interesting how these three "talking points" seem to pose a serious contradiction. That is, if all the current stories about David Geftakys are fabricated then why is he not allowed to preach?

Speaking as a Christian, it seems that God may have tolerated the Geftakys ministry for years. But it certainly has not seen much growth in recent years. Now, it appears that God's hand may have moved against this ministry. People are leaving one by one and in small groups.

The Bible says that "he who covers his sin will not prosper." I really believe this. For this reason, it seems to me that this small, fringe, Bible-based group will fade away.

Of course, there is always a chance for true repentance. However, the Geftakys family would have to change too much to reflect genuine repentance and that would probably result in less control and the more rapid demise of their ministry. Either way, I pray for my friends who are unhappy and trapped and hope they will get out soon.

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