The Baptist Foundation of Arizona Visitor Comments

"My parents were long-time investors in BFA. They are devout Christians and put their money there, not just for the promised return, but because they it was to be used solely to help build and/or expand churches. They lost their entire life's savings. As an alumni and former employee at Grand Canyon College I saw first hand the 'good ole' boy' atmosphere that existed among many 'Christian' businessmen. Some 'Christian' businesses seemed to think the rules applied to everyone but them. Often they would create an atmosphere that discouraged meaningful criticism. Ethical Christian businesses should welcome criticism because it keeps them honest. They may not get rich, but at least they won't end up in prison with their wives and children subjected to a public scandal. When businesses owned and run by Christians create a "no-criticism, no-questions" workplace, they are creating the perfect place for unethical, illegal and fraudulent behavior."


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