Face behind food-free teaching

Jasmuheen's book about living on "God's light"

The London Times, September 21, 1999
By Susie Steiner

JASMUHEEN, 42, a blonde Brisbane spiritualist - a teaches that nourishment can come from light, and that this can help to solve world famine. "I have found another form of nourishment. It's called Pranic light, which is the light of God found all over the Universe and inside everyone," she says.

Jasmuheen believes she is a messenger of the Ascended Masters, with whom she communicates through cosmic energy. The guru is said to have converted more than 5,000 people to her foodless diet. Most live in Germany.

She is expanding her empire in Britain. Her book, Living on Light, is published here next month, and she is conducting a lecture tour in November. Jasmuheen also has a website called the Cosmic Internet Academy.

On it she writes: Every second second a child dies from hunger-related disease. This is unnecessary and a group of dedicated, tough, well-trained, self-selected warriors (known also as the Knights of Camelot) have been utilising themselves as guinea pigs to prove that human beings do not need food to live."

She admits drinking water, fruit juice and tea, and nibbles on a chocolate biscuit a few times a year. Eating, she says, is permissible for pleasure, as long as it is not out of need.

She accepts that giving up food is a delicate process and believes in a strict 21-day conversion.

Yesterday her spokesman, Gerd Lange, said Jasmuheen could not be held responsible for the death in Scotland, because the victim cannot have followed the 21-day process guidelines properly.

"It is not for Joe Bloggs who has a hamburger down the pub. It's for people who have a spiritual interest."

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