Premier Zhu Rongji Meets US Televangelist

China Peoples' Daily/November 26, 2001

Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji methere Monday with televangelist Pat Robertson, chairman of the Christian Coalition of the United States. They discussed ways to improve Sino-US relations and promote understanding between the two peoples.

The stability and development of Sino-US.relations play an important role for peace and development of the world, Zhu said, adding that he appreciated Robertson's contributions to the betterment of bilateral ties.

Chinese President Jiang Zemin and US President George W. Bushmet for the first time in Shanghai last month, and China holds thesame or similar views with the United States on anti-terrorism and other issues, the premier said, stressing that these signs indicated that the bilateral relations are "moving forward."

With the passage of time and the increase of mutual understanding between the people of the two countries, China and the US will narrow their differences and steadily advance their relations, Zhu said.

Robertson said that the US and China are two great nations, and their cooperative relations would play a key role in maintaining world peace and developing international trade and commerce. Both sides should do their utmost to improve such relations.

He said he is and has always been willing to do whatever necessary to promote understanding between the Chinese and American people.

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