Champions of Christ Visitor Comments

"Greg Ball was once involved in Maranatha. Some of the old Maranatha people have apparently regrouped to form Morning Star International. Rice Brooks is the president, but he is actually led by C. Peter Wagner. Rice Brooks is also a board member of the New Apostolic Roundtable led by Wagner. Greg Ball is a Morning Star pastor in Austin, Texas and on its 'apostolic team.' Champions for Christ is only one of the 'outreach ministries' of Morning Star.There is also a college ministry called 'Victory Campus Ministries' and a high school ministry 'Victory Clubs.' There are schools too, such as Victory Leadership Institute,' 'Graduate School of Campus Ministry' and a 'Graduate School of High School Ministry.' Greg Ball's teachings are promoted and included in something called 'Core Values,' which is a tape series. It is largely what Morning Star is all about. Morning Star uses a one-on-one discipleship program, much like the International Church of Christ. It is very controlling. I think this is dangerous because the tactics used are so subtle. I recently left this organization."

"I for one appreciate the fact that someone has the courage to step up to the plate and speak the truth about abusive religious groups. I suffered under some terrible religious leaders like Derek Prince, Bob Weiner and associated with Rice Brooks and Greg Ball of Champions for Christ. I know how devastating that these so-called religious people can be. People who are abused by these groups may lose their family, friends, money and eventually their life. I was lucky enough to be able to recover, but some of my friends were not. I give kudos to Rick Ross. "

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