What They Believe


ABCNEWS.com/March 23, 1998

Chen Tao has released two official publications that reveal the group’s theology: Practical Evidence and Study of the World of God and Buddha and God’s Descending in Clouds (Flying Saucers) on Earth to Save People.

Much of the rest of their beliefs have been gleaned through two press conferences the group have called at their Ridgedale Drive headquarters, and through interviews conducted with Chen through his interpreter Richard Liu.

The major tenets are these: They believe in reincarnation based on a karmic system.

Teacher Chen claims to have fathered Christ 2,000 years ago, and today communicates with God through a diamond-studded ring, which he wears turned backward on his hand. There are two boys, ages 8 and 11, who live with Chen, who are said to be the reincarnations of Jesus and Buddha.

The Chen Tao theology holds that widespread destruction, or tribulations, have occurred five times on this planet, the first waged by dinosaurs. The next one, according to Chen, is scheduled for 1999 and will begin in Asia. As with all tribulations, the only survivors in America will escape by boarding flying saucers.

According to Walker, the group’s theology develops very quickly, as group members absorb current events into their belief system.

For example, last Christmas, they interpreted skywriting that spelled out “007”—promoting the most recent James Bond film—to be a sign from God.


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