Harrisburg Catholic diocese names 72 priests, clergy accused of abuse. See the list here

York Daily Record, Pennsylvania/August 8, 2018

By Anthony J. Machcinski and Ed Mahon

The Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg released a list of 71 names of clergy members accused of sexually abusing children in cases dating back decades on Aug. 1. 

The list includes priests, deacons, seminarians and clergy affiliated with an order. The list also includes clergy members from other dioceses and Archdioceses from across the nation. 

In the release, the diocese said the list includes those who were accused of abuse of a child since the 1940s, and does not include assessments of credibility or guilt. The church said it was releasing a list of every allegation made in recent decades against clergy in the diocese that had not been proven false. 

Of the 71 names, 37 were priests in the Diocese of Harrisburg, three were deacons of the diocese, six were seminarians of the diocese, nine were clergy of other dioceses and 16 were from religious communities.

On Aug. 7, the diocese added another name to the list.

The diocese broke the list into three categories: cases in which abuse was first alleged while the accused was living; cases in which abuse was first alleged after the accused's death; and cases in which the abuse was alleged to have occurred in another diocese.

Here is the full list of the accused: 

1. Cases where abuse was first alleged while accused was living

Cases involving allegations of indecent behavior

Alexander Dario Agudelo Cano – Alive – Diocese of Harrisburg (DOH) (seminarian)
Francis (Scotty) Allen II– Dead – DOH (seminarian)
John Allen – Alive – DOH (priest)
Francis Bach – Dead – DOH (priest)
Luis Jesus Barajas Arias – Alive – Order (Order of the most blessed Trinity)
Richard Barry – unknown – Order (OMI)
James Beeman – dead – DOH (priest)
John Bostwick III – alive – Diocese of Richmond
Augustine Giella – dead- Archdiocese of Newark
Ronald Gonzalez – alive – Diocese of Dallas
Thomas Ronald Haney – dead – DOH (priest)
William Haviland – dead – DOH (priest)
John Herber – dead – Order (CPPS)
Philip Hower – alive – DOH (seminarian)
George Koychick – dead – DOH (priest)
Kevin Labuda – alive – DOH (seminarian)
Arthur Long – dead – Order (SJ)
David Luck – alive – DOH (priest)
Guy Marsico – alive – DOH (priest)
Anthony McGinley – dead – DOH (priest)
Joseph Pease – alive – DOH (priest)
Charles Procopio -dead - DOH (priest)
Guido Miguel Quiroz Reyes – unknown – Order (OFM)
John Rebovich – dead – order (OSJ)
Thomas Scala – alive – DOH (priest)
Herbert Shank – alive – DOH (priest)
Timothy Sperber – alive – DOH (priest)
Carl Steffen – dead – DOH (priest)
John Tokarick Jr. – alive – DOH (seminarian)
Salvatore Zangari – dead – DOH (priest)

Cases involving allegations of inappropriate behavior (e.g. kissing)

Walter Emala – dead – Diocese of Memphis
Ibarra Mercado – unknown – Archdiocese of the Military
James Rush – alive – Archdiocese of New York
Cases involving allegations of child pornography
Donald Cramer II – alive – DOH (priest)
Paul Fisher – alive – DOH (priest)
Donald (Tim) Hackman – alive – DOH (deacon)
Kevin Kayda II – dead- DOH (priest)
Thomas Kujovsky – dead- DOH (priest)
Cases involving allegations of inappropriate communications with children
Robert Logue – alive – DOH (deacon)
Bryan Schlager – alive – DOH (seminarian)
2. Cases where abuse was first alleged after the accused’s death
Cases involving allegations of indecent behavior
John Bolen – dead - DOH (priest)
Joseph Bradley - dead - DOH (priest)
Patrick D’Alessandro – dead – DOH (priest)
Philip DeChico – dead – DOH (priest)
Raymond Dougherty – dead – DOH (priest)
Joseph Driscoll – dead – ORDER (CSSR)
Joseph Hager – dead – DOH (priest)
Francis Hudak – dead- DOH (priest)
Thomas Lawler – dead – DOH (priest)
Robert Maher – dead - DOH (priest)
Daniel Mahoney – dead - DOH (priest)
Neil Murphy – dead - DOH (priest)
James Noel – dead - DOH (priest)
Stephen Rolko – dead - DOH (priest)
John Suknaic – dead - DOH (priest)
Francis Taylor – dead - DOH (priest)
Frederick Vaughn – dead - DOH (priest)
James Vecera – dead - DOH (deacon)

Cases involving allegations of inappropriate behavior (e.g. kissing)

Frederick Bradel – dead - DOH (priest)
John McDevitt – dead – Order (Oblates of St. Francis DeSales)
3. Cases where abuse was alleged to have occurred in another diocese
Gerard (or Gerald) Bugge – dead – Order (Redemptorist)
William Cawley – alive – Diocese of Great Falls/Billings
Bernard Flanagan – alive - Diocese of Allentown
William Geiger – dead-  Order (Redemptorist)
Edward Konat – unknown – Order (SJ)
Reginald Krakovsky – dead – Order (Franciscan Friars of the Third Regular Order)
Jerome Kucan – dead – Order (OFM)
Robert Poandl – alive – Order (Glenmary Home Missioners)
William Presley – dead – Diocese of Erie
Raymond Prybis – alive – Order (OMI)
Patrick Shannon – alive – Order (OSFS)
James Shaughnessey – dead – DOH (priest)


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